Brawlhalla DLCs currently consists of Premium cosmetic and item packs, bundled with Mammoth coins and other benefits.

Currently available DLC consists of the Collector's EditionValhalla Pack (previously known as the Founder's Pack) and the All Legends Pack. DLC cannot be purchased with Gold or Mammoth coins and generally must be obtained through the Steam store.

All Legends Pack

  • Unlocks all current and future Legends
  • 19.99 USD

Valhalla Pack

  • 500 Mammoth coins
  • Founder's nameplate
  • Cogsworth Sidekick
  • 14.99 USD
  • previously, as the Founder's Pack, this bundle also included permanent unlocking of all Legends available during the Closed Beta, along with access to the Closed Beta. This is no longer the case.

Collector's Edition

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