Isaiah is a Legend featuring the Cannon and Blasters as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 7200 gold.

Extraction, Counter-Insurgency, Kaiju hunts, all in a days work. - Mallhalla purchase description


People with the security clearance to know that the Office of Emergency Logistics existed also knew that it was Major Isaiah Marshall who made the OEL America's first line of defense. When President Coates first took office, he was shocked to discover the sheer number of malevolent forces, both supernatural and mundane, menacing the nation he now led. The new President learned heavily on the top-secret OEL and its resourceful commander to battle these threats.

Wheter alien, monster, or homegrown menace, Isaiah took an ecumenical and practical approach to battling the scourges of the world. He resolved a crisis in Mumbai when he established at the last possible moment that Rakshasa's invisibility does not extend to ultraviolet scopes. He determined that silvered ceramic is the best multi-purpouse shell for penetrating narco-terrorist kevlar, Zhaktari powershields, and werewolf hide. When rappelling into interdimensional portals, he established the need for copper cable and sound belaying technique.

In Valhalla, Isaiah still loves to fight, but has also finally found time for slackline and guitar. He has put together a techno-fantasy euro pop band with Ada, Ulgrim and Fait.

Slow down, Prime Minister. Are you saying 'terrorists' or 'werewolves'? You know what, nevermind. I'm sending a guy. – President Coates on the Blue Phone in the Situation Room