Lucien The Highwayman

"That fop Lucien Degas is the dreaded Highwayman? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Get out of my office. "

-Last words of Capitaine Eduard Lamont

Lucien is one of Brawlhalla's Legends, featuring the Katars and Blasters as his weapons.


In the dark violence of the French Revolution, Count Lucien Degas lived in Paris in decadent splendor. But by night, the mysterious Highwayman stalked the roads with his gang, preying on travelers without mercy. That is, until the price on his gang's head grew to a hundred thousand francs. Then Lucien promoted his second-in-command and turned them all in for the reward. He had always despised dividing his loot with inferiors, anyway.

And indeed it was as a solo artist that The Highwayman became a figure of legendary dread. Relying on his own preternatural quickness and ruthless determination, he tried his hand at every sort of crime to bankroll his lavish living. Kidnapping, bank robbing, race fixing, art forgery, horse assassination, nothing was beneath Lucien.He wreaked havoc until his name became synonymous with avarice and violence.

In Valhalla, Lucien continues to scheme for gold and power. He knows the tournament is the surest way to gain influence here, and he'll resort to any means necessary to win.


Being from Revolutionary France, Lucien wears attire typical of his highwayman occupation. He wears a heavy but stylish grey tailed overcoat held in place with a leather belt, spatted gray riding boots, matching gloves and a simple cloth mask to cover his face and identity, which is held in place by leather thong straps. On his head he sports a men's tricorn hat which, when worn with his mask, render only his steely eyes and a flash of light blonde hair visible.


The main advantage you can gain from Lucien is agility. According to his stats, his attack speed and his movement speed will make him a good ally for combinaison attacks. His main weapon, the Katars, can deal a destructive amount of damage if you use it well, even though it doesnt have that good range. Air attaks can be interesting in that case, combined to ground heavy and quick attacks. His pistols are a satisfying complement for battle. Indeed, you can combine his quick attacks and air heavy attacks with a good agility to prefent your opponent from striking at you. Dominating the battlefield is less difficult with Lucien, if you handle this character enough.




  • Lucien's bot name is BOTIEN.
  • Lucien seems to be continuing his rogueish habits despite entering Valhalla, as he is the presumably illicit source of at least one Sword skin.