The default mode of play in the game. The goal of the game in this mode is to fight and knock out opponent players as much as possible. Weapons and gadgets spawn normally, and Legends start evenly spaced out on the map. Several variations of this are available, and matches can be played with other human players or with AI bots.

  • Stock Match - playable as teams or as a free-for-all, each player has a 'Stock' number, which goes down by one when they're knocked out. When a player's Stock reaches zero, they are eliminated from play. Games are played until all players but one are eliminated, making the remaining player the winner, or the timer (set to 8:00 minutes by default) runs out, after which the player with the highest remaining stock wins. If the timers runs out on a draw, the game enters Sudden Death mode. If the last players are knocked out of their last stock simultaneously, the match ends in a draw for those players.
  • Timed Match - playable as teams or as a free-for-all, the match goes for a set time limit (set to 4:00 minutes by default), and the players have that much time to score as many points as possible. Points scoring is detailed below. If the timer runs out on a draw, the game enters Sudden Death mode. The Online Free-For-All queue is only for four-player Timed matches.
    • Knock a player out: +2 points
    • Get knocked out by a player: -1 points
    • Fall off stage without being knocked out: -3 points
  • Strikeout - each participating player plays as a team of three selected Legends in a queue, each of which has one stock (for a player total of three stocks). The same Legend cannot be selected twice in a queue - other than varying the Legends a player plays as during their stock, this game mode functions similarly to a Stock Match. The Online Strikeout queue is for 1v1 Strikeout play only, is unranked, and is currently the only unranked 1v1 game mode available.
  • Sudden Death - this game mode only appears when a timer runs to zero and there is no clear winner of a match. Those players tied for first lose their weapons and are repositioned to starting positions on the map with maxed-out damage and one Stock. The match ends when only one player remains, who is declared winner, or the last players are knocked out simultaneously, after which the match ends in a draw for those players.

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