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-Champion of the Glade of Dreams

"Long ago in the Primordial Forest, deep and mysterious,witnessed the birth of a man... a vegetable... no,no,no:a thingamajig.Conjured from the magnificent moonbeams of the second summer solstice,woven together by us,the nymphs,destined to preserve the equilibrium of the universe,the one we call: Rayman!

-Betilla the fairy,Origins

"Have you seen the new guy?Things are getting are really getting weird here"

"Your an actual cat"

"That's fair"

-Asuri and Jhala

As the story goes

The Glade of Dreams is once again under threat from the nefarious Mr.Dark,and once again,Polokus,The Bubble Dreamer,has called upon Rayman to save the say.From Polokus,Rayman learned the only way to defeat Mr.Dark was to find the lost Horn of Lums.

Setting forth,Rayman ventured deep,deep into the forest. One day after a long travel and adventures,Rayman emerged into a wide clearing.High on a hill he saw a huge golden ball and heard the roar of a vast crowd.Entering,Rayman was met by the sight of the Grand Tournament of Valhalla