A Scythe is a type of weapon in Brawlhalla. they are long and have a scythe on the tip (DUH) on the weapon



  • One of the most common strings for scythe is SLight (N/A DI(dont move when the attacking animation is there)) NLight. Such follow ups are NAir SAir and NSig (for some scythe legends)
  • It might take some time to master but dodge reading is important if you are a scyther especially if you are doing/want to do ranked
  • Scythe has Active Input / Directional Input attacks offering much more strings and combos


  • NLight - Neutral Light
  • SLight - Side Light
  • DLight - Down Light
  • NAir - Neutral Air
  • SAir - Side Air
  • DAir - Down Air
  • NSig - Neutral Signature
  • SSig - Side Signature
  • DSIg - Down Signature
  • GP - Ground Pound
  • Rec - Recovery
  • D - Dodge
  • ChD - Chase Dodge
  • (N) - Neutral Input ( stay still when the attacking animation happens for some scythe attacks)
  • (F) - Forward Input ( move while there is an attacking animation for some scythe attacks )
  • (B) - Backward Input ( for NAir and DAir only )
  • (J) - Jump


Basic Strings/Combos

  1. SLight (N) Nlight
  2. NLight (J) NAir (N)
  3. NLight (J) Rec
  4. (J) NAir (N) (J) SAir
  5. SAir NAir (N/B) -String- (the SAIr must hit the enemy using the side )
  6. SAir NAir (N/B) -Combo- ( the SAir must hit the enemy using the tip )
  7. DAir (N/B) SLight(N/B)
  8. NAir (B) Slight -Combo-
  9. DLight (N) (J) ChD ( Diagonally) Rec
  10. SLight (F) DLight (N/F)
  11. NLight NSig ( for all characters )
  12. SLight (N) NLight NSig ( for all characters )
  13. DLight (N) NSig
  14. GP NLight NAir (N/B)

for a video for scythe strings click here

Advanced Strings/Combos

  1. DAir(B/N)/NAir(B) SLight (N) NLight (J) NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir
  2. NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N/B)
  3. SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N)